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WordPress SSL has been on the cards for a while now. A few days ago WordPress announced that their CMS is going to become more demanding in terms of SSL. What does it mean for you?

WordPress hinted on a number of occasions that they will start rolling out functionality requiring SSL. Being a responsible leader in the market of Open Source Content Management Systems, WordPress decided to take ownership over one of the burning issues affecting WP sites performance – a lack of SSL scripts on the website built with the System.

What is SSL?

In the simplest possible terms Secure Socket Layers – SSL – is a security technology used to establish a secure, encrypted connection between a server and the web browser, or an app. Most of the time we can tell whether the website we visit is secure by the presence of  a little padlock appearing in the top of an address bar and the http changing to https. If the padlock is missing, it’s safe to assume the site doesn’t have a certificate and potentially lacks encryption.

SSL is used to ensure security and give you and visitors of your website a peace of mind that the data you send to each other is secure and their browsing experience safe. SSL provides both, authentication and trust, which is extremely important when you run a reputable business, and paramount if your website IS your business. I’m looking at the owners of eCommerce websties.

Wordpress SSL

Why use WordPress SSL?

As I mentioned in the paragraph above SSL allows you to establish your website as safe, secure and reputable. It provides encryption as well as authentication, which in practical terms means that your data is not only protected, but also will reach the intended server. Online traffic involves more than one server and your data makes a few stops before it reaches its destination. SSL is there to make sure this trip goes safely.

Another important thing is that Google and other search engines look a lot more favourably at the websites that have SSL in place. They see them as the sites that can be indeed trusted and offer a better user experience, which is true. SSL in general will make browsing experience a lot smoother because browsers will not have a need to pause or work through extra resources to search for safe content to deliver. As for the SEO advantage – well. Google already confirmed they favour websites that have SSL in place and you can read all about it here. Furthermore, Google will start flagging websites with no SSL as unsafe in Chrome.

There is a number of online SSL providers and prices may vary, so if you need help in choosing the best one for you, please do not hesitate to contact us. Click here to send us an online enquiry or call us on 01562 244428

Posted on December 7, 2016 in Wordpress

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