SEO Trends 2017

SEO Trends 2017

Where did the year go? We’re only a couple of weeks away from New Year and many of us are looking for 2016 to end. It started really bad with news of David Bowie’s death (we all know Moonflight brand was inspired by David Bowie and his art). As a matter of fact “David Bowie” was one of the most frequently searched phrases of 2016. It then turned to worse with a number of prolific and iconic individuals leaving this Earthly plane – Mohammed Ali, Prince, Terry Wogan, Alan Rickman to name but few.



But we’ve experienced a number of changes in the world of Search Engine Optimisation and how we search for information. Technology assisted and voice searches becoming more influential and mobile browsing on the rise, social sharing and video content are here to stay. SEO trends are changing.

So, instead of telling you how the world of SEO changed in 2016 let’s look at three trends that are more than likely going to redefine Search Engine Optimisation game in 2017.

SSL – Google Loves Secure Sites

As I mentioned in our previous blog on WordPress moving closer towards SSL, Google will put more emphasis on security and encryption of your website. SSL (Secure Socket Layers – read more here) is a technology that allows both, users and webmasters, enjoy a more secure browsing experience. Google already mentioned they will be more strict with SSL and will more than likely favour websites that have a valid SSL certificate. It’s a kinda big deal because WordPress – main player in the market of Content Management Systems (approx. 25% of ALL websites are built on WordPress) – will soon require SSL to be present on the websites built on their system. Yup, get that certificate installed – it shouldn’t cost more than £30.00 per year to ensure Google don’t shun your website.

SEO Trends in Content Marketing & Social Sharing

Get blogging! Or get creating that content! Get that audience interested in you and get that content out. It’s not about blogging anymore. It’s not about making videos and writing transcripts. It’s all about relevant content that will bring value to the Internet community. If you’re an expert don’t sit quietly under your rock waiting to be discovered. Get out there with your content and get your audience excited about. If they are excited Google will too. Only then you’re going to be rewarded with better PageRank. I’m not talking about spamming people with links to your content. Your content needs to spread across your community organically. Only then Google will appreciate its value and start helping your website creep up higher in searches. There’s a crux, though. Even if your website reaches #1 page don’t assume it’ll stay there forever. You need to make sure it stays there forever by providing high-quality content conducive to social sharing.

One more point: make your content as valuable as possible. People want some in-depth information on what you provide – give it to them. Make your content interesting for both, experts and laymen alike. Make it dense and cover your topic comprehensively. You’re an expert – tell them you’re an expert. They seek your guidance – give it to them. Google wants to see you being an expert and most of all, Google wants your content to be beneficial to the audience.

Is Personal Branding a SEO 2.0?

Who likes rhetorical questions? No? I’m going to ask one anyway. Who knows who Gary Vaynerchuk is? Now, can you name any of his companies? Ha! This is slightly more difficult because Gary is a serial entrepreneur who founded a number of successful businesses and sold them on. His success is not about his businesses, though. It’s about how recognisable he is. I’m not saying drop your company name and go solo. Not at all. I’m saying make your personal brand unique. Your style, your advice, your zest for sharing your expert advice… A friend of mine, Stefan Thomas who is not only a networking expert, but also an author of ‘Business Networking for Dummies‘ and ‘Instant Networking’, has recently refocused on branding himself as ‘Stefan Thomas – Mentor and Author’, because that’s what everybody know him as. Stefan is also known for his wonderful speaking skills and floral shirts. Not only that! For years Stefan has been propping his public speaking gigs with a bottle of Evian which he uses to make a number of valid points across. This is his personal branding and should you Google ‘Stefan Thomas’ this is what you’ll see. Check out his speaking reel below to see exactly what I mean. Utilise your personal brand so your audience will search your name in Google, without a need to remember the name of your company. Build unique content and use any channels available to you (and relevant to your audience) to share it.

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And on that note, please accept our wishes of prosperity and awesomeness in 2017. May the new year bring you to the new digital frontiers. If you need a webanaut to help you navigate through the vastness of digital space – speak to us. In the interim, eat, drink and be geeky.

Posted on December 22, 2016 in SEO

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  1. Name Linda Reynolds
    December 22, 2016 at 6:50 pm · Reply

    Great article Kon, concrete ideas for 2017 and advice that will benefit many people with their SSL and blogs – thank you

    • Moonflight
      December 29, 2016 at 9:54 pm · Reply

      Thank you Linda. It’s all about keeping it simple and valuable at the same time. Sadly, people tend to forget that SEO is an ongoing process. Many thanks for checking my ramblings out 🙂

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