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Google is Going to Penalise Your Website. And You Know It

“Shit! Google penalised my website! F**k! What do I do know?” – This is an email I have woken up to this morning. Instantly I wanted to reply “Yah, it’s your fault and I know exactly why” but decided against it and instead have given the client a full explanation why that happen and why…

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Storytelling in Marketing

Tell That Story!

Storytelling – I Have a Tale to Tell… Storytelling. Contrary to what you believe you have a story to tell. A tale. A captivating account of your experiences others may want to draw an inspiration from. For thousands of years, storytelling was used to educate, entertain, provide the moral compass and preserve cultural integrity in…

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SEO Trends 2017

SEO Trends 2017

Where did the year go? We’re only a couple of weeks away from New Year and many of us are looking for 2016 to end. It started really bad with news of David Bowie’s death (we all know Moonflight brand was inspired by David Bowie and his art). As a matter of fact “David Bowie”…

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SSL Wordpress Hosting

WordPress to Encourage SSL

WordPress SSL has been on the cards for a while now. A few days ago WordPress announced that their CMS is going to become more demanding in terms of SSL. What does it mean for you? WordPress hinted on a number of occasions that they will start rolling out functionality requiring SSL. Being a responsible…

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Marketing Agencies Worcestershire

The Value of Content Marketing

We’ve all heard of the new kid on the block – the mighty content marketing. Here’s the thing – content marketing is not a new concept. The principles of content marketing have been first applied towards the end of the 19th century – 1895 to be exact – by John Deere, the US agricultural machinery manufacturer,…

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Marketing Worcestershire Love Mondays

Digital Marketing and Business Growth

What is Digital Marketing?   Digital marketing is essentially the promotion of business products or brands via various forms of electronic media. This usually takes place in real time. Digital marketers work to monitor views, visits (how often and for how long), sales conversions, run and analyse overall campaign success. While the Internet is probably…

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Logo Design Kidderminster

Best Branding Advice You’ll Read Today

Whether you build your branding in Worcestershire, UK or Worcester, Massachusetts the words from Mr Branson are the ones to live by. We often get asked “Oh, my brand is not performing that well. What should I change?” To which I reply: “If you were a punter, would you know enough about your brand to want…

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Moonflight from Moonflight on Vimeo.

Moonflight’s Proud Moment

And so is being creative and running the business. After months of trials and tribulations, we’re finally launching our website. Well, an exciting part of our website, as the eCommerce hosting part is something we’re currently working on. It’s just round the corner, so keep them eyeballs peeled. Moonflight has been conceived as a happy medium…

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